Christmas Party Looks

 Happy December! ‘Tis the season for Christmas parties. 

This is the only time of the year where I can throw on as many sequins as I want and no one will judge me.

This is the perfect time to buy occasion wear because a lot of places are having sales at the moment. You’ll see a few jumpsuits in this selection and that is because New York is freezing. FREEZING.

Seasoned New Yorkers tell me this is ‘mild’ and that the worst is to come. Honestly I’m having trouble getting my ankles out let alone my legs out, but I commend all the girls who do. How their teeth aren’t chattering is beyond me. 

I am proud of the fact I still haven’t turned on the heating in my apartment. I’m desperately trying to ensure my utility bills are not crazy next month, and if that means sleeping in a hoodie then so be it. And who says New York life isn’t glamorous? 

Click on the pictures below for direct links. 






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