Weekend in NY 

This weekend was full of all of my favourite things – shopping, seeing friends, eating and feeling inspired. 

On Saturday I went to the Louis Vuitton Volez Voguez Voyagez exhibition – a free exhibit in downtown NY. Oliver Saillard curated the event which traces the adventure of the Maison Louis Vuitton from 1854 – through the luggage and fashion of the past ,until the present. It was an amazing exhibit especially considering it was free and is in New York until January. 

I heard about the exhibition on timeout.com , which I could highly recommend as there is always something happening every weekend here. 

My two cosy weekend outfits : 

On Sunday it was the annual New York marathon, and I have to say it was pretty inspiring seeing everyone running for great causes and the people giving up their Sunday to stand at the side lines and cheer them on. It takes a huge amount of motivation and discipline to run a marthaon and it almost inspired me to sign up for next year. ALMOST. 

Every weekend here is a new adventure, and teaches me something new. 

Here’s to starting Monday motivated and more inspired than before.

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  1. adele miner says:

    Ugh amazing.. this is just my dream! Your outfit is stunning too! Your blog is gorgeous too, I randomly stumbled across it and I am so glad I did! x


    Liked by 1 person

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