Apartment hunting in New York 

Apartment hunting in New York is a nightmare- there is no easy way to say it. Moving to New York sounds glamorous but deciding which apartment is least likely to get a rodent infestation is the reality.

If you find somewhere that seems perfect, more often than not it isn’t.

That being said I’ve managed to find a place where the only major downside is the size of the bedroom-and that’s something I can deal with.

If your moving to New York here are some of the sites to use:





Also a couple of Facebook groups to look at ( I found my place from the first one)



On average for a room in New York you’ll probably pay between $900-$1300 depending on where you’re looking.

Extra amenities in an apartment will make the rent more expensive including

– elevator , dishwasher, laundry services, gym etc.

Once you do find your apartment make sure you have about four times the monthly rent. Most places will want you to pay first months, last months rent and a security deposit. If you need access to your Irish bank account use TransferWise but it may still take a few days so get that started as soon as possible. Last thing you want if to have to put down a deposit straight away but not have the cash at hand.

Another thing to consider is if your not an American citizen they may want you to have a guarantor because you won’t have a credit history or past tax stubs. Your employer could act as guarantor.

Good luck and happy hunting.


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