Leaving home 

So the time has finally come, as I publish this post I’m sitting in the airport nervous but excited for my next adventure. 

So for those of you who haven’t heard me shout about it in the last few months, I’ve officially moving to New York for the next two years. 

Waving goodbye to my family was difficult and my heart feels heavy knowing I won’t see them for a few months at least. If you ever want to see how many friends you have, decide to leave the country. Everyone has been beyond amazing and I’ve had more flowers and presents in the last week then I could have imagined. 

How do I feel about making this move alone? Scared, overwhelmed, excited, grateful and everything in between.

A few months ago I began to read ‘the secret’ (late to the party I know) and I’m starting to believe that if you believe something will happen it will. I recently found a note that I had written at 16 outlining my goals until the age of 26. One of which was ‘to have lived in New York’ . Without realising it I’ve always been working towards this goal.

Life in New York is harder than it seems. I know its going to be a challenge and I might be lonely for the first while but I’m ready to push myself. 

I was lucky to have landed an amazing graduate job and I’m going over to the US in a more fortunate position than I could ever have hoped. 

So here’s to the next chapter. 

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