Summer in Sardinia 

Sardinia has always been on my very lengthy bucket list. Its beaches seemed like the closest to the Caribbean beaches you could get on a short haul flight from Dublin.

I can say it didn’t disappoint. We stayed in the San Marco apartments overlooking the turquoise ocean and white sandy beach. The San Marco hotel itself was clean and staff were really friendly. It was a few steps from the beach and their sun loungers.

The only downside to Sardinia as a destination is that there are no direct flights out of Dublin. This meant we had no choice but to book with Sunway holidays.

Sunway were extremely accommodating and my first package holiday was a very pleasant experience- except for one delayed flight which wasn’t their fault.

We stayed in the old city of Alghero with San Marco being a scenic 15 min walk from the centre of the city.

Alghero itself is exactly what you would expect from an old Italian city. Lots of cobbled lanes with unique boutiques and authentic Sardinian restaurants. If you have an image in your head of picturesque Italian streets that’s Alghero. The sunsets at night were the best I’ve seen in my travels. 

Dress and sandals- Topshop

Glasses- Rayban

Dress- Topshop

Sandals- Penneys/Primark

Bag- Michael Kors

Watch- Cluse

Sunglasses- Rayban



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