New York Fashion Week- Highlights

Marc Jacobs 

There were ready to wear items mixed with eccentric couture. Lots of over the knee socks, an abundance of colourful layers and dreadlocks. The collection was for the young and daring with sequin dresses, a multitude of fabrics and daring patterns mixed together.


Ralph Lauren 

With muted tones, the collection focused on a western/cowboy theme. Alot of shirts with floral designs which we are already seeing on the high street at the moment. It wasn’t all casual though, most of the items were paired with tailored formal pieces.


One of my favourite designers, they always bring the glamour and this season was no different. It was inspired by the goddess of Greek and Roman history. It was all in the details for Marchesa and the collection included tulle angelic dresses and fitted gowns.


Vera Wang

Not what you would expect from Vera Wang with a dark more sport luxe collection. Lots of pearls could also be seen as a dominant feature in the collection.

Oscar De La Renta 

The collection consisted of a lot of reds, blacks and whites in a variety of casual and formal pieces. The white pieces were delicate with embroidery . Oscar still does evening wear like no other with lots of frills and drama. Belts and cinched in looks played a big part in the show and if there was no belt it was usually becuase the top was cropped.

Carolina Herrera 

Black and white was the theme of the show with a lot of striped pieces and some mixed with lace. In true Herrera form there were many laid back materials including gingham and denim while all the models also wore flat shoes.


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