Sephora Wishlist August 2016

With my time in the states slowly counting to an end my anticipation to get everything I need in Sephora before I leave is growing.

There are many brands that are just not all that accessible in Ireland, including Becca, Anastasia Beverly Hills and so many more.

Top of my wish-list is the Anastasia glow kits, although I’m undecided as to which one I need. ‘That glow’ would suit my complexion the best and is full of more golden shimmer tones, while ‘sun- dipped’ may be too dark for my skin tone.

I always want to get my hands on the brow wiz, as I’ve been a fan of the dip brow pomade for years.

Another product I am loving is the liquid lips and I want to try it in more colours.I don’t find it as drying as I previously thought it might be.Especially because I suffer from dry lips, but I just apply some vaseline before hand and it is fine. I have ‘stripped’ at the moment and while I love the colour it isn’t the most practical for everyday.

I saw this Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance in Sephora and the pigmentation looked amazing. I like palettes that have a lot of matte shades as I think you need mattes to do a proper smokey eye.

I have many concealers on the go at the moment including the collection one, NYX and double wear but I have yet to try the much raved about naked skin concealer by urban decay.

I have been running out of my trusted L’Oreal true match foundation over here and for months I’ve wanted to try the Make Up Forever HD foundation. As I mentioned in a previous post, it isn’t made for the hot climate as it is water based but so to is my L’Oreal foundation and that has lasted me well. Over here I don’t like wearing very heavy high coverage foundations I much prefer something lighter. (Most Americans don’t wear as much make up as us Irish girls do).

Another item I may pick up if I have the money before I go home is the original beauty blender. I use the real techniques complexion sponge yet I have heard from more than one person that the beauty blender is much better.

 If only my bank account could let me buy everything I wanted.


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