Sephora Wishlist August 2016

With my time in the states slowly counting to an end my anticipation to get everything I need in Sephora before I leave is growing.

There are many brands that are just not all that accessible in Ireland, including Becca, Anastasia Beverly Hills and so many more.

Top of my wish-list is the Anastasia glow kits, although I’m undecided as to which one I need. ‘That glow’ would suit my complexion the best and is full of more golden shimmer tones, while ‘sun- dipped’ may be too dark for my skin tone.

I always want to get my hands on the brow wiz, as I’ve been a fan of the dip brow pomade for years.

Another product I am loving is the liquid lips and I want to try it in more colours.I don’t find it as drying as I previously thought it might be.Especially because I suffer from dry lips, but I just apply some vaseline before hand and it is fine. I have ‘stripped’ at the moment and while I love the colour it isn’t the most practical for everyday.

I saw this Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance in Sephora and the pigmentation looked amazing. I like palettes that have a lot of matte shades as I think you need mattes to do a proper smokey eye.

I have many concealers on the go at the moment including the collection one, NYX and double wear but I have yet to try the much raved about naked skin concealer by urban decay.

I have been running out of my trusted L’Oreal true match foundation over here and for months I’ve wanted to try the Make Up Forever HD foundation. As I mentioned in a previous post, it isn’t made for the hot climate as it is water based but so to is my L’Oreal foundation and that has lasted me well. Over here I don’t like wearing very heavy high coverage foundations I much prefer something lighter. (Most Americans don’t wear as much make up as us Irish girls do).

Another item I may pick up if I have the money before I go home is the original beauty blender. I use the real techniques complexion sponge yet I have heard from more than one person that the beauty blender is much better.

 If only my bank account could let me buy everything I wanted.


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  1. I’m off to New York next week so I’ll have to check out the glow kits. I also agree that some of the colour mixes could be too dark but I’ll find something, as I’m very very pale hahah! Loved the post! Maybe check out my blog? Possibly give it a follow?

    Much love ♡ – Ali


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