Sephora 50 Minute Make Over

On my birthday I decided to get my make up done in Sephora on Times Square. Unlike MAC in the US, it only cost $50 and that cost is fully redeemable on products (MAC isn’t redeemable over here.)

Sephora definitely seems like the better choice when getting a makeover, you have nearly every make up brand at your disposal from Urban Decay to Nars and everything in between.

Before I went in I knew exactly what products I wanted to try and my make up artist took everything I said on board whilst making his own recommendations. I got to try out many products I’d been eyeing up for some time while also discovering some new gems.

sephora make up 4sephora make up 3

While I went into the door wanting to try out the make up forever HD foundation, as I has heard they had a really good shade for pale skin- my make up artist (Jose) told me to avoid it. The foundation is too water based and while it may be perfect for Ireland, it would never withstand the humidity of New York- especially when I needed something that would last all night.

Instead Jose used Estee Lauder doublewear, a very heavy foundation which was amazing for the night that was in it but may not be as practical for the day time. The palest shade was even too dark for my Irish skin and so we had to buff it in a lot.

I did end up buying a lot of what Jose used including the Laura Mercier setting powder and my all time favourite Jacyln Hill’s champagne pop. Anyone that knows me will know I am obsessed with highlighter and I had been wanting to try this one for a long time.

sephora make upsephora make up 2

Jose spent almost an hour and a half on my make up making sure it was absolutely perfect and I would highly highly recommend him.

In the end we went for a berry colour all over my eyes from Stila and Kat Van D and finished with gold glitter pressed on top.

I also finally got my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lip and it did not disappoint. Although apply vaseline and concealer on before to ensure it isn’t too drying.

Here is everything I bought and I plan on making a few trips before I go home:

2016-07-07 18.37.06

2016-07-11 15.16.18

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