‘Manus x Machina’ Exhibition

After working nine days in a row I wanted to make the most of my day off.

I’ve always associated New York city with Gossip Girl so I knew I had to stop by Magnolia Bakery to experience a taste of the Upper East Side. The homemade lemonade was amazing as were the extremely soft cupcakes.

Next stop was the Met where I was excited to see the ‘Manus x Machina’ fashion in the age of technology exhibition.

The exhibition which explores the role of technology in fashion from the 20th-century to the present and spotlights more than 170 ensembles, has attracted more than 350,000 visitors so far and has now been extended, due to popularity for another three weeks.

The exhibition includes pieces from the major fashion houses around the world including Dior, Chanel and McQueen.

2016-06-29 13.25.532016-06-29 13.23.332016-06-29 13.18.10

2016-06-29 13.25.122016-06-29 13.38.122016-06-29 13.30.44

I would highly recommend going to see this exhibition if you’re near the MET, all of the pieces are incredibly designed and inspiring. The exhibition looks at how designers are innovating with different fabrics and techniques and how it has been taking place for many years.

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